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This assessment allows you to step back and see where IT is hindering your business’ strategic competitive advantage, and better understand your technology needs, infrastructure health, and much more.

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Ransomware: How One Ransomware Attack Took Down Two Companies & What We Did to Recover

On Tuesday morning, April 14, 2020, we were informed that one of our clients was experiencing IT issues. We were in a reactive support model with this particular client, which meant they used our services to respond to high-level needs. They relied on their own internal IT team for the majority of their IT support and processes – like cybersecurity.

Municipalities & Governments: A Case Study on How ABS Serves This Sector

ABS has a history serving local municipalities and governments. From fiscal courts to 911 call centers and police and fire departments, we have the expertise and resources to support and manage all their IT needs. Every IT environment is unique between different municipal and government organizations.

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