The ABS Pricing Model

While many IT providers tend to focus on strict escalation protocols and often have hidden costs for certain kinds of service, ABS trusts its skilled team of engineers to find the right solution. For that reason, we don’t have a complex tiered pricing model. Whether you need your password changed, which can be handled by a Help Desk Engineer in five minutes, or your issue gets escalated to a Tier 3 Engineer and requires onsite support, you pay the same hourly rate every time.

All-In-One Service

Another advantage of our fixed cost model is that you get a number of resources all dedicated to your account that you would have to pay separately for with other providers. For example, our Managed IT Services packages come with basic cybersecurity services, and an antivirus, and also includes access to our in-house Cybersecurity Team for bigger issues. Your Technical Account Manager provides strategic value by handling the development of your IT roadmap, and our in-house Help Desk staff stand ready to help your employees with tasks large and small. You also have a dedicated Service Team that handles issues beyond the ability of the Help Desk, and who serve as the ABS experts on your systems.

Pricing Calculator

Estimated Monthly Cost

IT Partner Assessment

Knowing what you need to look for in an IT partner.
After two decades of providing best-in-class solutions to organizations of all kinds, we’ve condensed our insights into an assessment that will help you evaluate your needs and plan next steps. Performing this assessment allows you to step back and see where IT is hindering your business’ strategic competitive advantage, and better understand your technology needs, infrastructure health, and much more.

Tour Our Facility

In April of 2019 ABS relocated to a 30,000 square foot facility that was designed to support our operations and make us even more efficient when delivering managed IT services. When you are choosing your IT provider it is important that you look “under the hood”, meet the people who will be managing your infrastructure, and see exactly how your support is delivered. Come see why 90% of companies looking to outsource their IT support choose ABS after they take a tour of our facility.

Get your Insurance Checklist

Insurance providers now require businesses to have tools and technology in place to ward off cutting-edge cyberattacks before they will provide insurance against ransomware and other sophisticated cybersecurity risks. At ABS, we help you become proactive by preparing for insurance renewals, and make you aware of any necessary upgrades you will require in order to be fully insured. This will help you meet all the requirements before the renewal which saves you money by locking in more affordable rates.