A Managed Services Approach to IT Support

We take care of your technology so you can focus on your business.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, our local team of technology engineers and representatives meets your business IT needs with 500+ years of combined experience. Our Managed IT Services solve your problems by providing the best technology solutions for your situation and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Managed IT Services

Customers turn to ABS business technology solutions for our many years of IT experience, our ability to implement successful solutions, our proactive service model, and our customer-centric “ABS Way”. We want to be your trusted technical engineering partner for Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services

With ABS, you can count on support that’s just next door. We don’t outsource our help desk – instead, we staff them with talented Louisville engineers who can solve 65% of your problems within 20 minutes. We also have multiple teams – like Service and cybersecurity – that proactively work on different aspects of your infrastructure to keep your business operational.

Our approach to Managed IT Services is proactive and customer-focused. Our goal is to eliminate disruptions to your business through industry-leading practices, fast response times, 24/7 remote monitoring of your system’s health, and strategic IT planning that aligns your infrastructure with your business needs.

If you have an urgent need, you’ll never hear us say, “we’ll call you back in an hour” or “we’ll send someone out next week”. Our top priority is to find the proper resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible. For a monthly fee, your business will have access to the team of Louisville-based engineers managing our Help Desk, who can resolve 95% of IT problems remotely and within the first call. For issues that require on-site assistance, you can count on a support team familiar with your system available at no extra charge.

You will also receive a dedicated Technical Account Manager who acts as your single point of contact for developing an IT strategic plan that supports your goals and growth trajectory. Additionally, our cybersecurity team works in the background to maintain your data and network security. All of our employees are committed to the ABS Way to ensure we are delivering the highest level of customer service possible – a standard that leaves 98% of our customers wanting more.

Help Desk

Our IT help desk is staffed by a team of Louisville engineers who are available 24/7 to respond to IT problems that your business encounters. They are able to solve 65% of problems within the first twenty minutes of your phone call, and operate responsively – no waiting for a call back or taking a number if you have an urgent problem.

While other service providers tend to focus on strict escalation protocols, ABS trusts its skilled team of engineers to find the right solution. For that reason, we don’t have a complex tiered pricing model. Whether you need your password changed, which can be handled by a Help Desk Engineer in five minutes, or your issue gets escalated to a Tier 3 Engineer and requires onsite support, you pay the same hourly rate every time.

Workstation & Server Support

We know that when your workstation or servers stop working, everything grinds to a halt. ABS has the tools and resources to provide outstanding support for your workstation or server, keeping your business running smoothly. Working with us means you have access to not only an IT Help Desk, but a dedicated Service Team familiar with the intricacies of your technology. We are capable of resolving 95% of your problems remotely, which saves you valuable time and lets you get back to business faster.

Unlike many IT service providers, we do not differentiate between remote and onsite support. When something is broken, we do what it takes to get you back online and include that work in your monthly fee no matter what kind of support you require. This is part of The ABS Way and is a central reason why we are one of the most trusted IT service providers in the Louisville area.

In addition to providing you with an outstanding level of support, you can trust that our engineers are staying on the cutting edge by exploring new technologies and innovations. Particularly as cloud-based infrastructure becomes increasingly popular, we continue to invest in educating and training our team to ensure that we provide best-in-class solutions for our customers both now and in the future.

Network Support

ABS not only helps to plan and implement your network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, we also provide ongoing support to maximize uptime. At the beginning of our relationship, we take the time to understand your business priorities and align our services to those. Our network support includes installing and updating outdated systems to improve the daily operations of your workspace, monitoring your network’s health and proactively addressing problems, and providing long-term support as your infrastructure evolves over time.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In the past, backing up your data was a way to mitigate against accidental deletion, hardware failure, or natural disasters. However, as technology has continued to develop, new threats like ransomware attacks and sophisticated cyberattacks require additional considerations in order to protect your business and maximize the uptime of your infrastructure. Additionally, cloud-based providers operate on shared responsibility models, meaning that you are still responsible for at least some aspects of the backup process.

Unfortunately, having a good backup solution is sometimes the only real solution when faced with highly intelligent threats such as ransomware. In this situation, a well-designed Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help protect your business from these threats and maximize the uptime of your infrastructure. ABS has invested in state of the art Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that will ensure your critical business data is protected at all times. These precautionary measures are necessary for any business to ensure data can be restored during a flood, tornado, and any other unforeseen event. You need to be able to keep your business running, and backup and disaster recovery that you can trust is the way to do it.

Our proactive approach involves an evaluation of your business needs and infrastructure, an education process regarding your risks and the benefits of potential solutions, and a close partnership to ensure that your backup solution allows you to sleep soundly at night – no matter what happens. ABS has many years of technical engineering expertise with both building and implementing backup & disaster recovery solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries, and can do the same for you.

Whether you need a simple daily onsite backup or a backup that runs every 15 minutes, stored onsite and offsite in a remote data center, or 7+ years of backups stored for compliance purposes and quarterly Disaster Recovery tests, ABS has a solution that will work for your business.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Instead of waiting for a call before troubleshooting issues, ABS begins working to solve such problems right away to minimize any potential disruptions to your business. With the help of a Remote Monitoring & Management tool, one of many technologies we have invested in, ABS will diagnose IT problems, notify you of them, and create solutions even before you even know there is a problem to begin with.

Our investment in Remote Monitoring & Management tools helps us keep our promise to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly so you can stay focused on growing your business. It is often an integral part of the proactive IT solutions we provide to our customers, and supports our team of Louisville engineers in their work to solve problems quickly and remotely. We also use this system to roll out security and anti-virus updates to keep your systems in compliance with your cybersecurity strategy.

Strategic Planning

Responding to your problems and fixing them is only half of what your IT provider should do for you. Having a plan for the future that aligns your technology with your business goals is key for avoiding bottlenecks and disruptions that can slow growth. Therefore, an integral part of our relationship with you will involve listening to you and developing a deep understanding of your business needs, then creating a strategic IT plan that will help you succeed both now and in the future.

As part of this process, your Technical Account Manager will work with you to assess, define, and plan a multi-year IT strategy based on your business direction, then collaborate with your management team to develop a roadmap for implementation. We want you to know about IT costs years in advance so you can plan effectively, and so you aren’t surprised by anything unexpected. We are experts in applying technology in a cost-effective way so you can reach your business goals because we evaluate technology from both business and IT perspectives. With over 25 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes, in many industries, we are well-positioned to help you define and execute on a plan that works specifically for you.

Although the Technical Account Manager will manage the strategy for a significant proportion of your technology, the option to work with a virtual CIO is also available through additional IT Consulting. Working with a virtual CIO with will apply their experience to your business to evaluate workflows and regulatory compliance to identify opportunities for efficiency and growth.

Microsoft 365 and Azure

Although many organizations were making the leap to cloud services before the pandemic, over the last couple of years many business leaders have been forced to invest in Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure, Zoom, and other cloud-based systems. ABS has worked with many of our customers to migrate on-premises systems to cloud solutions and realize advantages such as reduced capital costs, a more geographically flexible work environment, and increased agility. Once the transition has been made, our Technical Account Manager and virtual CIO help clients make the most of the technology, improving workflows and augmenting internal processes with specialized Microsoft Consulting packages.

Vendor Management

The average organization has to rely on at least a half-dozen IT vendors to supply their internet, phone systems, mobile devices, computers, printers, and networks. Managing all of these vendors can be challenging, especially if you are still growing and don’t have someone dedicated to the IT function yet. ABS speaks to many vendors on behalf of our clients, which streamlines their workflows significantly and takes the responsibility of their IT completely off their shoulders. If you lack a vendor for a kind of technology you require, we can leverage our relationships and experience to help you develop a procurement process, select a vendor, and negotiate the contract.

In addition to our Managed IT Services, we can provide value to your business through our IT Consulting and Virtual CIO services:

IT Consulting

Are you ready for a fractional CIO or Strategic IT Partner?

ABS has a core team of  executive-level IT services collaborate with your leadership team to facilitate business/technology workshops setting your business on a path to success across all areas of the organization.

Compliance Readiness & Governance

Are you prepared to meet your compliance requirements?

Small businesses are being challenged by their industry, cyber insurance providers and their customers to prove their security and compliance maturity. At ABS we have tailor-made a proactive approach to address compliance readiness and operationalizing governance.

Microsoft Consulting

Are you ready to leverage Microsoft’s cloud services?

ABS specializes in Microsoft consulting services designed to help companies maximize ROI and drive employee adoption. Our expert team empowers your business with Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Copilot, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive landscape.