Customer Success Stories

Curious about what a proactive and customized IT solution can do for your business? Over the past few years, we’ve worked with some of our customers to develop case studies that will help you understand just how integral a committed IT partner can be to your business success.

Ransomware: How One Ransomware Attack Took Down Two Companies & What We Did to Recover

On Tuesday morning, April 14, 2020, we were informed that one of our clients was experiencing IT issues. We were in a reactive support model with this particular client, which meant they used our services to respond to high-level needs. They relied on their own internal IT team for the majority of their IT support and processes – like cybersecurity. However, this was a situation where they needed help fast. Their systems were not working and they were unable to run their business. They called our Help Desk, where a ticket was created and immediately escalated. We quickly identified the problem: it was a ransomware attack. This is what happened next.

Municipalities & Governments: A Case Study on How ABS Serves This Sector

ABS has a history serving local municipalities and governments. From fiscal courts to 911 call centers and police and fire departments, we have the expertise and resources to support and manage all their IT needs. Every IT environment is unique between different municipal and government organizations.

Potter & Associates: A Case Study on Backup and Disaster Recovery

When a routine Operating System update to Potter & Associates Architects’ server caused an OS corruption and server failure, they called ABS to fix the issue. After identifying the problem, ABS was able to leverage the Intelligent Business Continuity feature of the recently-installed Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to quickly restore the server while preventing any downtime or data loss. This gave ABS ample time to repair the OS corruption without data loss and ultimately return to the primary server without any further inconveniences or complications.

Maryhurst: A Case Study on Infrastructure Growing Pains

When Maryhurst received a grant to expand their campus, they called upon ABS to help develop a better solution for their technology infrastructure. With 3 remote sites, various buildings within those sites and future plans for additional buildings, Maryhurst knew their 20-year-old phone system couldn’t be expanded anymore. ABS engineers carefully evaluated the current technologies that were being used and formulated a plan that would upgrade their network infrastructure, increase bandwidth, and allow a VoIP system to be installed.

KAEC: A Case Study on Managed IT Services

After 16 years of being with the same IT Vendor, KAEC became increasingly frustrated with the quality of support they were receiving. When the push to over-purchase items outweighed the needs of the business, ABS was asked to perform an unbiased review of their IT environment and make recommendations for any areas that do not meet general IT ‘best practices’ or that could be considered any type of compliancy violation.


We use the independent SmileBack system to get continuous feedback from our customers on how we meet their needs. We have an almost perfect score, which we are very proud of.