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No matter how large and technology-dependent your business is, there are cybersecurity risks that must be accounted for and managed

One or two decades ago, firewall and antivirus solutions were sufficient, but today, businesses rely on many different kinds of technologies with vulnerabilities that can be exploited by sophisticated cyber criminals. In addition, the growing shift to remote work and cloud-based computing introduces another layer of difficulty when it comes to data security and network protection.

Our approach to data and network security is simple

At the beginning of our work together, we use a Cybersecurity Threat Assessment to educate you on credible risks in your environment and work together with you to customize a posture that meets your specific business needs. All ABS engineers are trained to respond to threats and provide ongoing cybersecurity support and tailor their services to your particular needs based on the Assessment.
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Our dedicated Cybersecurity Engineers are ready to help

ABS has a dedicated team of cybersecurity engineers and experts who are specialists in data protection and network security that use the latest tools and technology to provide your business with tailored and effective solutions that reflect your needs, preferences, and growth trajectory. Our cybersecurity services, as well as next-gen antivirus solutions, fall under your Managed Services Agreement and are included in your monthly fee.

We will educate you about your vulnerabilities

In addition to protecting your data, we will educate you about your vulnerabilities and work with you to create a cybersecurity plan that matches your risk tolerance, industry regulations, and even insurance requirements, as a key part of getting your business insurance provider to cover cyberattacks will be to ensure that you have sufficient measures in place to protect your data and networks. Due to the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and the business requirements surrounding them, regulations, we will be with you on every step of your journey, giving you peace of mind that your networks will be safe long-term.

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Four reasons to Prioritize Cybersecurity

Based on our 26 years of experience working with businesses in the Louisville area and across Kentucky, we have three reasons that your business should be prioritizing data and network security as part of your IT strategy.

Reason #1: Insurance Requirements

Some businesses rely on general liability insurance, which provides minimal coverage in the event of cyberattacks or data breaches. This is not enough to protect against sophisticated intrusions, such as ransomware, which means you need to dedicate resources towards making sure you are as protected as possible against these types of attacks.

Indeed, insurance providers now require businesses to have tools and technology in place to ward off cutting-edge cyberattacks before they will provide insurance against ransomware and other sophisticated cybersecurity risks. At ABS, we help you become proactive by preparing for insurance renewals, and make you aware of any necessary upgrades you will require in order to be fully insured. This will help you meet all the requirements before the renewal which saves you money by locking in more affordable rates.

Reason #2: Compliance Requirements

If your industry works with sensitive customer information, it is likely that you are required to have data security measures in place to protect that information. One major example of this is the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), which outlines a set of requirements for vendors of the DOD to follow when handling national security information. This three-tiered model has between 15 and 134 requirements that must be met before a business will even be considered as a possible DOD vendor, and can create a lot of work for organizations that have not invested in data and network security.

These requirements are also incumbent upon vendors that work with DOD vendors, and even includes ABS as we provide IT services to companies that work with the DOD. This means that it is likely that sooner or later, you will be required to invest in data and network security to the point where you meet one of the three tiers of these requirements.

Outside of matters of national defense, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) introduced regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information. The HIPAA applies to any organization that handles health-related information or transmits such information electronically, and ensures that end consumers of health services are protected. Vendors that work in this space must have cybersecurity measures in place in order to meet these standards, which can also create work for organizations that have not sufficiently invested in data and network security.

If your organization doesn’t work in a specially-regulated industry, we still recommend that you use NIST standards as a guide to ensure that you are meeting generally-accepted standards. Increasingly, we have seen customers holding their vendors responsible for data breaches and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities, which means our team of Cybersecurity Engineers can be an especially valuable resource for you to win the trust of your consumers and mitigate against potential legal challenges in the event of cyberattacks against your infrastructure.

Reason #3: Competitive Advantage

Customers are becoming more aware of the importance of data security, and will often be checking to see that you follow best practices when handling their information. Going beyond a simple antivirus and firewall will help you win more business, especially when RFP responses represent a significant portion of your revenue pipeline. It can also protect you from potential legal challenges.

At a bare minimum, your company should have multi-factor authentication for employees that have remote access to systems, cloud applications, and Office 365, as well as a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that keeps your posture up-to-date in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. We can work with you to conduct a holistic analysis of your IT systems that will educate you on where your vulnerabilities lie, and will help you develop a cybersecurity strategy to keep your data, your networks, and your customer’s data secure.

Reason #4: Evolving Threat Profiles

The types of cybersecurity threats that are targeting businesses today are extremely sophisticated, and thanks to artificial intelligence and other tools, hackers have extremely powerful methods of compromising your network security and causing damage. Working with our team of engineers and strategists will keep your security posture up-to-date and ready to handle the latest threats.

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