Frequently Asked Questions

ABS provides IT support for companies with employee counts ranging from 3 to 25,000. For our Managed Services Agreements, typically 10 employees and greater is a good fit.

Our in-house Help Desk is designed for immediate response.

Not all Managed Services are designed the same and it all depends on your company needs and how you like to budget your IT costs. Managed Services in the Louisville market will cost anywhere between $60-$150 per user and the actual per user price is influenced by many factors such as number of employees, complexity of your IT systems, and your maturity with IT.

Business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Thanks to our partners in other time zones, ABS staffs 24/7 and after-hours support options are available as an add-on to any of our Managed Services Agreements.

Yes, we can. We have clients in more than 30 states and 96% of issues reported to ABS are resolved remotely. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology and processes that eliminate the need for your employee to wait for a technician to come onsite to resolve their IT issues.

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Our support structure is set up to provide you with both an immediate response through our Help Desk team, as well as long-term continuity through your dedicated Support Team. Our goal is to solve 98% of problems remotely to increase your employee productivity.

ABS has a great retention rate in both our leadership and technical teams. Our team-based approach and operations methodology helps shield our clients from any negative implications of our employee turnover.

It’s likely that we do! ABS manages the IT needs for over 200 companies in many different industries, and work with hundreds more on an as needed, on-demand basis.

Our support agreements are month to month commitments. We challenge ourselves to earn your business every day.

We support the networks that your phone system is connected to, however we do not support the phone system itself. For our Managed Services clients, we take the responsibility of managing your phone vendor on your behalf so you can focus on the business while we handle the IT stuff.

Over the last 26 years we’ve perfected our onboarding process to help ensure your employees are well taken care of during the transition. Ideally, you don’t have to choose an MSP more than once and the onboarding is our opportunity to start the partnership off on the right foot. Depending on your company’s unique situation, we can take your call right away or be more strategic with how we introduce ABS to your employees. We have experience with strategic transitions and “we need you to start right now!!” situations.

With an ABS Managed Services Agreement our Cybersecurity team is included. Your specific cybersecurity needs will be identified and defined throughout our partnership. The journey starts with a Cybersecurity Threat Assessment, and from there we use industry trusted technology to build a Cybersecurity Posture that meets your compliance requirements or if you are not compliance bound, matches your business risk tolerance.

Yes, we will support the hardware and software you have today.

One of our primary differentiators is our dedication to hiring people who align with The ABS Way, as it drives a culture dedicated to customer service, accountability, and helping others. Put simply, if you don’t like helping people, you cannot work here. Our size, our years of experience, and our dedication to customer satisfaction are what our clients say sets us apart from the competition.

No, ABS does not charge an onboarding fee and we include the effort to onboard you as part of your monthly support agreement. Before we start our partnerships, we talk about the onboarding experience your company needs, then make a plan and execute.

Yes, many of our partnerships are with clients who have internal IT teams. Companies often choose to augment their internal staff with an MSP when their business is growing or shifting with their markets. We can augment with IT Strategy or the day-to-day support needs.