Microsoft 365 & Azure

With hybrid workplaces becoming more commonplace and more cloud applications available to businesses every day, you now have an unprecedented number of options to empower employees with on-demand information and new capabilities. Instead of upgrading your aged servers or replacing operating systems on every employee device, you can consider moving to the Microsoft Cloud using Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Even though your business is already using many Microsoft applications such as Outlook and Office, moving to the Microsoft Cloud can be transformative. For this reason, retaining expert consultation on the migration process is well worth the investment, as you will be able to improve employee workflows, automate routine processes, and provide secure access to data to employees no matter where they’re working. There are dozens of cloud applications to take advantage of, as well as the opportunity to develop custom applications for internal use. There is also the possibility for cost savings, as it is likely you are paying for software to get functionalities already provided by the Microsoft suite.

ABS can leverage our experience with Microsoft Cloud migrations to help you plan your cloud strategy, move your data, applications and workflows to the cloud, as well as provide continued support with system maintenance, licensing, and ongoing process improvement.

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