Compliance as a Managed Service
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Are You Ready to Explore Solutions to Achieve Compliance Readiness?

Have you been told that achieving compliance is crucial for your business, but you find yourself unsure about where to begin? Compliance is not just a box to check; it’s a journey. But, taking the first step can seem aimless and daunting. We’re here to embark on the journey towards compliance readiness, together.

The Reality…

  • 44% of firms are being asked for proof of cybersecurity as a part of a request for a proposal.
  • Experts predict a 25 to 100% increase in cyber insurance premiums in 2024.
  • 99% of companies plan to achieve some level of continuous compliance over the next 5 years.


The reality is that one way or another, you’ll need to be compliant over the next few years to:

1. Obtain cybersecurity insurance

2. Respond to a potential compliance audit

3. Meet your customers’ increasing demand for vendor compliance checks

What is Compliance as a Managed Service?

Compliance as a Managed Service is a comprehensive solution designed to assist you in adhering to various regulatory requirements and frameworks (including CIS, SOC2, PCI DSS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, HIPAA, ISO, CMMC, and more). In the ever-evolving landscape of changing rules and regulations, Compliance as a Service solutions help you stay ahead of the curve with a streamlined approach to managing and completing your compliance tasks.

How important is a Compliance Management Solution?

Compliance management solutions provide stability in your business operations and can save you money in the long-run. Compliance management solutions ensure your external partners align with regulatory requirement through vendor compliance checks. They also play a pivotal role in internal operations by shaping employee practices and fostering an environment of employee compliance. Through seamless integrations with various departments such as HR and payroll solutions, compliance management tools can enhance efficiency in your business. Investing in compliance management solutions not only prevents costly non-compliance penalties, but it also streamlines time-consuming back-and-forths during the auditing process, saving you money in the long-run.

ABS: Your Compliance Consultants

At ABS we have tailor-made a proactive approach to compliance solutions that addresses the two primary compliance goals your organization should have: getting you compliance ready and keeping you compliant.

Compliance Readiness Project

GOAL: Getting You Compliance Ready

A Compliance Readiness Project with ABS has one simple goal: getting you compliance ready. Our compliance consultants will assess your current compliance posture, identify objectives, build and action plan, and solidify your procedures and policies to get you compliance ready.

Compliance Readiness as a Managed Service

GOAL: Keeping You Compliant

The ABS Compliance as a Managed Service solution offers ongoing management, maintenance, and reviews of your compliance posture, with the goal of keeping you compliant. We’ll ensure your policies are mature and up-to-date with the latest regulations, provide quarterly reviews, and offer vendor compliance checks.

Are You Ready to Achieve Compliance Readiness?

We understand how urgent it is for your organization to be compliant, which is why when you complete the form to book a live demo, our in-house compliance experts will reach out within 24 hours to get you booked as soon as possible. Let’s get started on your compliance journey today!

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The ABS Compliance Readiness Solutions Use Case will walk you through our compliance services step-by-step.