Help Desk

Every member of our Service Team is local
While some may think of Help Desk as a receptionist level of support—take a call, triage a ticket, escalate it to whoever can work on it—ABS does help desk a bit differently. Our help desk is comprised of a team of local engineers always ready to quickly and efficiently aid with your support needs. Well over half of the tickets ABS receives are handled and ultimately resolved remotely by our Help Desk Engineers. Our Service Department has 3 levels of support: Help Desk Engineers, Tier 2 Engineers and Tier 3 Engineers. Our second and third tiers of support are broken down further into smaller, client specific teams to bring consistency in Service Delivery. This model allows our Help Desk Engineers to assess and analyze the issues at hand, quickly, and either handle your situation on the spot or escalate it to a higher tier for more specialized support.

Help Desk | Solutions for our Customers

We understand that your business suffers when your software or hardware isn’t functioning properly. Therefore, you’ll never hear us say, “we’ll call you back in an hour” or “we’ll send someone out next week”. Our top priority is to find the proper resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we’ll be there to work through your problems either with a live help desk person answering phones or an engineer out in the field, if necessary.

We take a personalized relationship-driven approach, and we think you’ll find that in our Core Values, which we call “The ABS Way”. This set of principles guides everything we do and stand for as ABS employees, putting the customer first, always.

In everything we do at ABS, we treat you like a person, not a number. And when it comes to our Service Department, there’s no exception. While our competitors tend to focus on “red tape” and strict escalation paths, ABS trusts its skilled team of engineers to find the right solution, at all costs. For that reason, we don’t have a complex tiered pricing model. Whether you need your password changed, which can be handled by a Help Desk Engineer in 5 minutes, or your issue gets escalated to a Tier 3 Engineer and requires onsite support, you pay the same hourly rate every time.

Efficient, thorough, and permanent resolutions are our mantra, which means we’re not just thinking about how your problem can be resolved for today, but for the long haul. Have a question? Ask us. We’re happy to make recommendations and talk through solutions with our customers. That’s what we’re here for, and your satisfaction is important to us.

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