Backup & Disaster Recovery

As technology improves, it is becoming more and more difficult to protect your data and sensitive information

In the past, backing up your data was a way to mitigate against accidental deletion, hardware failure, or natural disasters. Today, however, backups are also needed as a safeguard highly intelligent issues such as ransomware, a virus that infects and encrypts files to hold them for ransom. In this situation, a well-designed solution can help protect your business from these threats and maximize your uptime.

Our proactive approach involves an evaluation of your business needs and infrastructure, an education process regarding your risks and the benefits of potential solutions, and a close partnership to ensure that your backup solution allows you to sleep soundly at night – no matter what happens. ABS has many years of technical engineering expertise with both building and implementing backup & disaster recovery solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries, and can do the same for you.

Cloud Infrastructure

Although most businesses think that their cloud provider handles everything, including backup and disaster recovery, this often isn’t the case. In addition to the security protections built into your cloud solution, it is likely you will need dedicated support to keep all of your devices and network entry points secured, as well as a separate backup solution in case your cloud system is breached.

Some businesses also have a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure, creating potential havoc in the event of a complex breach. Our recovery team works with many cloud-integrated businesses and can work with you to find out what solution will work best in your context.

Customized Services

Whether you need a simple daily onsite backup or a backup that runs every 15 minutes, stored onsite and offsite in a remote data center, or 7+ years of backups stored for compliance purposes and quarterly Disaster Recovery tests, ABS has a solution that will work for your business.

Featured Case Study

Potter & Associates: A Case Study on Backup & Disaster Recovery

When a routine Operating System update to Potter & Associates Architects’ server caused an OS corruption and server failure, they called ABS to fix the issue. After identifying the problem, ABS was able to leverage the Intelligent Business Continuity feature of the recently-installed Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to quickly restore the server while preventing any downtime or data loss. This gave ABS ample time to repair the OS corruption without data loss and ultimately return to the primary server without any further inconveniences or complications.